Why Are Wedding Cakes So Expensive?

A few ingredients mixed together, thrown into the oven, a bit of buttercream slapped on top and away you go! Doesn’t seem like much effort when you put it like that does it? I imagine that this thought process goes on in the minds of many a customer/ couple looking for a cake to celebrate their special day. However, I thought I would shed some light on this question. I believe people ask why are wedding cakes so expensive, not because they don’t want to part with so much money (or maybe it is), but also partially due to a lack of appreciation and understanding as to what actually goes in to making a wedding cake.

I find that it is much easier to accept something (even if you do not agree with it) when you understand the reasons behind it. So, why are wedding cakes so expensive? 

Bespoke wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are so expensive because they are made to suit your theme and style of wedding. Details taken from the wedding dress, the flowers, stationery or venue can be incorporated into the design. In addition, the cake can consist of different flavours. Ones that you both love, those that are traditional or some that are a little more unusual. All of these require additional time and attention to detail which increases the cost of the cake.

Quality ingredients 

It is true to say that good cake isn’t cheap and cheap cake isn’t good. That is why a cake maker will ensure that they use only the best ingredients for your wedding cake. It really does make a whole lot of difference. For example, chocolate with a higher cocoa content will taste much richer and give a more indulgent taste than those that don’t. Vanilla bean paste is more concentrated than vanilla essence and gives the cake a more natural tasting flavour. Butter instead of margarine, fresh fruits and organic eggs cost much more than their budget-friendly counterparts. As a cake maker, I use large quantities of these ingredients even in a single 3 tiered cake and it inevitably pushes the cost of your cake up.

Labour intensive

Creating a wedding cake takes a significant amount of time and skill. On average, a 3 tier buttercream cake will take me 3 days to complete. A fondant iced cake with cascading sugar flowers would take much longer, so I would start the decorations up to 2 weeks in advance. There are many steps to take before a cake maker arrives at the finished article. The cake is baked in one or more flavours. Then they are cooled, sliced into layers, sandwiched together with the fillings and iced with buttercream or ganache. Fondant cakes will take slightly longer. They require a layer of buttercream or ganache beneath the fondant that provides a smooth, crisp finish.

When the base of the cake is complete, the decoration can commence. Have you ever seen and fallen in love with a wedding cake with intricate royal icing details, embellishments, hand painted motifs, pleats, ruffles or a quilted design? The level of detail and skill involved in all of this, adds to the final cost.

Customer Experience

Creating a positive and professional experience is key. If your cake maker offers luxury, bespoke wedding cakes, you can expect the service to match. The customer experience is one of the foundation stones of my business. Each couple should feel special, confident and happy about the service they are receiving. This would involve responding to emails in a timely manner, planning and preparing cake consultations, posting cake samples and purchasing packaging. Designing the cake, finalising and amending the design takes time and must be included in the cost.

Delivery & Set up

Preparing a wedding cake for delivery includes liaising with the wedding venue, packaging the cake tiers to survive the journey unscathed and car expenses. Once at the venue, assembling and decorating the cake on site takes time and effort that adds to the total cost of the cake. I personally deliver and set up all of my wedding cakes to ensure they look exactly as the couple would expect.

Other additional costs which you may not have considered, but are an expense for your cake maker also consists of:

  • Buying and maintaining tools and equipment
  • creating invoices and dealing with last minute amendments
  • Training to refresh or learn a new skill for new cake designs
  • Advertising so that couples can find them
  • Updating social media and keeping website up to date
  • Taking photos or professional photos for portfolio so you can see their work.
  • Following up on couples after the wedding. 

So you see, it really is more than just a few ingredients thrown together. Cake makers work hard to create not only a great tasting dessert but a work of art that you will be able to look back on with fond memories. That will forever be a part of your history together and that to me is priceless!

If you want to see some of my cake designs, please head to my portfolio. You can also catch up with me and what goes on behind the scenes on my Instagram or Facebook page.

Also, if you want to get in touch about your own wedding cake, feel free to contact me using the contact form.

Bianca x

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deidre j
It was a pleasure working with Bianca to create our wedding cake for the day. She took an enormous amount of time and effort to ensure she was delivering exactly what we were looking for. She's extremely professional, kind and overall joy to work with. The cake was immaculately put together and got set up on the day with the utmost care. Bianca ensures that the couple does not have any stress and works directly with the venue/coordinator for delivery and set up. All you need to do is share what you're looking for and Bianca delivers 10/10.
Bianca was amazing, aside from the cake being beautiful and SO delicious, she was an amazing supplier as she just handled everything herself such as communicating with the venue and getting the cake set up there. I had zero organising to do on that front, which trust me when you get to that stage is EXACTLY what you need from a supplier! She was amazing, can't recommend highly enough.
Anthoulla Nicolaides
Our experience with Beez cakes was amazing, very friendly and professional. From beginning to end the communication was great, we always felt that Bianca was looking after us. On the day the cake looked incredible, it was beautifully moist & had delicious flavours of chocolate and vanilla. We had lots of compliments about it afterwards. A huge thank you to Bianca and her team, we would recommend them 100%. A&M ❤️
Perfect cake for our wedding, loved the Raspberry and White Chocolate flavour! Bianca was great to work with - so professional and friendly.
James Gillard
Beez Cakes provided our wedding cake in May 2021. The sample cakes were the best we tried, and the cake on the day exceeded expectations. The service provided was brilliant - really responsive and accommodating to our needs, and made for an all-round great experience. Would definitely recommend
Natasha Hoare
Myself and my now husband! wanted to use independent suppliers for our wedding especially during the covid pandemic. When I found Bianca from Beez Cakes I knew she was the cake artist I wanted. Bianca was easy to contact and also sent us some cake samples because we weren’t able to meet face to face. Then we had a phone call and talked about what we wanted and what flavours. When our cake arrived on our special day, it was exactly what we wanted. I would recommend Beez Cakes to everyone looking at getting a cake for any occasion! Thank you Bianca!!!
Had our wedding cake done by Bianca and the it was amazing! She was very friendly and professional. Very impressed with the quality and taste of the cake. Would recommend you purchase a sample box to get an idea of what she offers, and they all taste amazing! Would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a lovely cake for any occassion! :)
Emma Black
Beez Cakes are absolutely stunning (and delicious)! The packaging and presentation is wonderful and the customer service is outstanding, I couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you Bianca
Great service ordering a gift box of 8 arty cakeiscles for an arty loved one in these “covidious” times. The recipient loved the gift and devoured the cakiscles almost immediately. Thanks Bianca!!

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