Is Buttercream or Fondant Better For Wedding Cakes?

Many would agree that a wedding cake is an important part of any wedding celebration. However, when choosing the right type of icing for your cake, there are two popular options – buttercream or fondant. Have you wondered, ‘is buttercream or fondant better for wedding cakes?’ Are you still undecided? Well, both types of icing have their own unique benefits that can make them an ideal choice for your special day.

In this article, we will compare buttercream and fondant cakes so you can decide which one is better for you.


Buttercream cakes are preferred for their light, fluffy texture. They can be made in a variety of different colours and flavours to match your wedding theme. There are also different types of buttercream and some of these are meringue based (made using egg whites). Meringue based buttercream is generally less sweeter than American buttercream (made with butter and icing sugar). Both types of buttercream can be whipped to a consistency that is pleasant to eat.  Likewise, fondant can be made in a range of colours too. It is true that some brands of fondant can be much sweeter than others. However, the brand I use for my fondant cakes has a very subtle vanilla flavour that is not overpowering and compliments the cake.


Buttercream can be whipped to a smooth consistency that makes it ideal for decorating with buttercream designs. Fondant provides a more polished surface and can hold intricate designs such as sugar flowers and royal icing details much better than buttercream. Fondant can be purchased in and manipulated into colours that cannot easily be created with buttercream. For example, a black buttercream cake will need large amounts of food colouring which can affect the taste and consistency. Fondant can be purchased in a black colour without affecting the taste or appearance.


Whilst there are many different decorative techniques a baker can use on a buttercream cake, it generally takes more time and skill to achieve certain techniques on a fondant cake, especially if it has more complex designs. For this reason, a fondant cake will cost slightly more than their buttercream counterparts. 


Buttercream cakes love a chilled environment. This is because of the butter content, which can start to melt if left out in warm surroundings. Buttercream cakes need to be kept cool to ensure that the decorations on the cake are not compromised. Fondant cakes can survive slightly longer in warmer weather, but caution still needs to be taken when plotting where to display your cake.

Fondant cakes can be stored longer than buttercream cakes, especially if a buttercream cake has fresh fruit or other perishable fillings.

Both buttercream and fondant cakes have their advantages and disadvantages, but it really depends on what you are looking for in your wedding cake. Your decision will likely be based on the look you want to achieve and the budget you have available. Think about all the factors beforehand, and if you need help making your decision feel free to enlist the help of your cake maker.

If you want to get in touch about your own wedding cake, feel free to contact me using the contact form.

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deidre j
It was a pleasure working with Bianca to create our wedding cake for the day. She took an enormous amount of time and effort to ensure she was delivering exactly what we were looking for. She's extremely professional, kind and overall joy to work with. The cake was immaculately put together and got set up on the day with the utmost care. Bianca ensures that the couple does not have any stress and works directly with the venue/coordinator for delivery and set up. All you need to do is share what you're looking for and Bianca delivers 10/10.
Bianca was amazing, aside from the cake being beautiful and SO delicious, she was an amazing supplier as she just handled everything herself such as communicating with the venue and getting the cake set up there. I had zero organising to do on that front, which trust me when you get to that stage is EXACTLY what you need from a supplier! She was amazing, can't recommend highly enough.
Anthoulla Nicolaides
Our experience with Beez cakes was amazing, very friendly and professional. From beginning to end the communication was great, we always felt that Bianca was looking after us. On the day the cake looked incredible, it was beautifully moist & had delicious flavours of chocolate and vanilla. We had lots of compliments about it afterwards. A huge thank you to Bianca and her team, we would recommend them 100%. A&M ❤️
Perfect cake for our wedding, loved the Raspberry and White Chocolate flavour! Bianca was great to work with - so professional and friendly.
James Gillard
Beez Cakes provided our wedding cake in May 2021. The sample cakes were the best we tried, and the cake on the day exceeded expectations. The service provided was brilliant - really responsive and accommodating to our needs, and made for an all-round great experience. Would definitely recommend
Natasha Hoare
Myself and my now husband! wanted to use independent suppliers for our wedding especially during the covid pandemic. When I found Bianca from Beez Cakes I knew she was the cake artist I wanted. Bianca was easy to contact and also sent us some cake samples because we weren’t able to meet face to face. Then we had a phone call and talked about what we wanted and what flavours. When our cake arrived on our special day, it was exactly what we wanted. I would recommend Beez Cakes to everyone looking at getting a cake for any occasion! Thank you Bianca!!!
Had our wedding cake done by Bianca and the it was amazing! She was very friendly and professional. Very impressed with the quality and taste of the cake. Would recommend you purchase a sample box to get an idea of what she offers, and they all taste amazing! Would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a lovely cake for any occassion! :)
Emma Black
Beez Cakes are absolutely stunning (and delicious)! The packaging and presentation is wonderful and the customer service is outstanding, I couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you Bianca
Great service ordering a gift box of 8 arty cakeiscles for an arty loved one in these “covidious” times. The recipient loved the gift and devoured the cakiscles almost immediately. Thanks Bianca!!

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