How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Flavours


For some, this may be one of the easiest decisions they will make regarding their bespoke wedding cake, but for others it can feel like an overwhelming task with so many flavours to choose from, but not to fear! I will be giving you my top tips on how to choose the wedding cake flavours you will love.

1. Choose flavours you like

This has to be the top tip of tips for choosing cake flavours. Make sure you choose cake flavours that represent you both as a couple and ones that you are drawn to. I know you want your guests to enjoy their dessert and they will if they know that this cake and its flavours truly represent the people they love, support and want to share this day with. If they are not fans of the cake flavours that’s fine too.

2. Consider the season

It may come as no surprise to you that there is a strong psychological and physiological link between our mood and the type of food we choose to eat at certain times of the year. So go for light, fresh and fruity flavours for that spring/summer vibe and for autumn/winter, you can afford to indulge in rich chocolatey flavours for a heart warming celebration.

3. Have a different flavour for each tier

If you just cannot decide on a single flavour – go for two, or three! Choose the flavour you feel would be a crowd pleaser and then give your guests an alternative. This is a win, win because not only will you get to enjoy more of your favourite flavours, but your guests will appreciate the variety too.

4. Choose something different to dessert

Often, the wedding cake is served after your main meal and the last thing your guests will want after a chocolate dessert is another chocolate dessert, so choose a flavour that will be a welcomed contrast to the palate.

5. Taste samples of your cake flavour

You may have in your mind exactly which cake flavours you want until you try the cake samples on offer. So often, couples have sampled flavours they hadn’t even considered or didn’t think they’d like and loved them. This stage helps you explore what you really like so that you can make the best decision.

To give you another little helping hand, I have listed below our very own cake flavours that are both popular and great suggestions for specific times of the year.

Spring/ Summer                                        Wedding Autumn/ Winter Wedding

  • Zesty Lemon                                                 – Apple Cinnamon
  • Classic Vanilla                                               – Chocolate Fudge
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry                    – Red Velvet
  • Spiced Carrot & Walnut                               – Salted Caramel

This part of your wedding planning should be fun so above all else, enjoy the process!

Bianca x